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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Revlon Color burst Lip balms: Standout Remarquable and Whimsical Fantaisiste swatch and Review


I have used lip crayons before and this is the very first time I am using something like this. The moment I heard these lip balms were out in India, I was very excited to try them out and bought just 2 of them, one in matte and one in lacquer.  I am sure by now most of the bloggers have posted about this.

I found these lip balms from lifestyle store in Forum Mall, but now even the H&G has these lip balms stored. I bought these lip balms in the beginning of the month, I waited this long so I could try them out properly before giving the review. Both matte and lacquer lip balms are priced at INR800 for 2.7 gm.

These lip balms have cello tape stuck, something to show that it is a new product. I really wish the whole lip balm came in the plastic packaging  so that we as customers would know that somebody hasn't used the lip balm earlier. This cello tape is so easy to remove, use and put it back in place. I mean considering the price I am paying for this product and a top international brand, I expect atleast the packaging to be good. Ok! enough of me grumbling, let us get to the product.

Standout Remarquable:
When the SA showed me all the 16 lip balms; 8 in matte and 8 in lacquer and after having tried swatches for all, the one that impressed me the most was Standout Remarquable. It is a beautiful deep red in color. This a matte lip balm, having said that, it didn't make my lips dry at all. Most of the matte lipsticks after application feels very dry on the lips and also settles on the lines. There was no such thing with this lip balm. 

This lip balm is very moisturizing and has pepperminty flavor which lasts for about few minutes. The pepperminty flavor is used to plump up the lips.  The lip balm is so moisturizing and it just glides on the lips. The lip balm is very pigmented which I love and is completely opaque.  The color lasts for up to 3 to 4 hrs, after having my dinner, the color started fading. The good part is that the color fades out evenly and does not leave ugly patches.

Whimsical Fantaisiste:
Since I already chose a matte one, I had to choose one in lacquer. I chose this lovely mauve purplish shade. The lacquer ones have shimmer in them. These lip balms also have a pepperminty flavour and also very moisturizing like the matte partners. These lip balms also fades evenly and do not settle on fine lines. The only issue with this is, it doesn't last more than 1 or 2 and if you have something to eat in between, it starts to fade more quickly and only the shimmer remains. It is also not as pigmented as the matte ones. Hence the need to reapply after every 1hr or so. 

Love both the products. Yes even the lacquer one even if it means reapplying. The price is on the expensive side and I am sure would last really long. 

Hope you all this review? Have you tried these shades? Please leave your comment below.


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Body Shop- BlueBerry Shower Gel Review

I have been desperately wanting to finish my old shower creams as I have been eying on shower gels from Body shop and have been longing to use them. This is the first time I would be using a shower gel. The reason I selected Blueberry was only because it was a special edition. When I checked the fragrance at the store, I somehow felt the Blueberry body butter was very good much better than the blue berry shower gel.. again I didn't buy the body butters cause it is summer here and I still have a couple of heavy duty creams to finish off. :-(

What it claims: soap- free cleanser with blueberry extract.
Ingredients List: No ingredients list on the bottle.

My Review: The blueberry shower gel comes in a white sturdy transparent plastic bottle and a white plastic flip cap. The body is quite sturdy and can be used for traveling, though I prefer a small size bottle for traveling. The fragrance smells wonderfully of blue berry ( I still feel the Blueberry body butter smells better!), but it lasts only for a couple of minutes after shower.

The shower gel is in an attractive deep blue color and is of running consistency (it doesn't show much in the above pic. Look at the bottle in the first pic). I think this shower gel is perfect for summer as it is very light and fruity. The shower gel lathers well and doesn't leave any residue on the skin. Even the blue berry fragrance lifts up your mood in the morning. I have been using it for a week now and I don't experience any dryness on my skin. However I still follow up with regular routine of moisturizing with a very light lotion.

1. Soap free.
2. Smells of blueberry extract.
3. Running consistency and hence easy to finish up when you reach the end of the product.
4. Perfect for summer.
5. Doesn't leave residue after wash.
6. No dryness.

1.No ingredients list mentioned on the bottle.
2.It can smell very fruity for some.

Price is slightly on expensive side when you compare other shower gels in the market. This is INR425 for 250 ml. But then this is TBS, since this was a SE, no sale on this :-(

Rating: 4/5
Will you buy this product?: No, I want to explore the rest of the shower gels in TBS:-)
Have you tried this product before? Please leave your comment below

Saturday, 26 April 2014

March - Empties Post TRESemme, Jergens, Lancome, Loreal, Olay and much more

I know, this is too too late to post an empty blog for the month of March.  I could have posted the empties for both march and April together but then it would be too many products. First thing, I was very busy with sooooo many things.. family functions and all the rituals that goes along with it. Second helping my friend with her own library and had loads of fun planning lots of stuff for the library .. finally ran for Pinkathon (a marathon for Breast Cancer awareness). Since this was my first time, I ran for only 3kms. It was fun. Super hectic but fun month. 
So coming to the empties post and what got me started? When I first started reading blogs, I used to wonder about the number of products the bloggers use. I find a hard time even finishing up even one bottle of lotion, let alone other make up. I really hesitated to start the blog mainly for this reason, thinking it is a total waste of money. So when other bloggers started posting their empties blog I was very excited that it encouraged the bloggers to finish up the product and to give a complete review. This is my first empties post and I have been using products religiously to finish them.These are pretty old products, some more than a year and half old and they had just one or two usages in them which I used them up in the month of March. Let's begin.

TRESemme Hair fall defense: I  love TRESemme shampoos and have been buying them back to back. I never had any issues finishing this one product. The shampoo is very mild and can be used for every day wash. Read review here.

Lancome Bi-Facil make up remover: Since this is gifted and from a very expensive brand, I was very stingy in using this up. This is the best make up remover I have used till date. Cleans away all my make up in just a single swipe. Love this!! Anybody ready to gift me this. Read review here .

Jergens Original Scent: Very light cream, mildly scented absorbs easily. Imported body lotion, I bought this mainly because it was on an awesome sale online. Love this product and lasts really long. Worth the price... very affordable. Read review here.

Olay Total effects cream (gentle) and face wash: I use this cream every single day religiously and it lasts about 3 months. I always stock this cream and face wash.  My skin looks radiant and wonderful when I use this. I use this as a moisturizer before my make up. Slightly expensive, but totally worth it. Read Olay-total-effects-7-in-1-day-cream review. Read Olay total effects 7-in-1-foaming cleanser review.

Lo'real Paris total repair 5 Serum: Had great expectations from this product, but it didn't work for my hair at all. What a waste of money.. Only I know how I finished it. I finished it because it smells good. I definitely will not be buying this. Read Review here.

Viba Pure Coconut Oil: Good quality coconut oil. It's pure coconut oil, so I used it both for my hair and my body as well. I got it free with some magazine, so I am not complaining. I am still eyeing on the Dove elixir oil. Read Review here.

Amway Satinique advanced 2in1 shampoo and conditioner: Loved this 2 in one shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt nice, soft and silky. I was doubtful about 2 in 1 part if the conditioner would actually work, but it was very good. very mild and smells wonderful. Definitely looking at buying a bigger bottle, that reminds me ... I would need to check the ingredients list as none was mentioned on sachet. Read review here.

Elemis Hand and body lotion: very mild lotion. I used it only for my hands since it had only 5 ml. Fantastic product, only problem issue being the price, I feel it is very expensive. The lotion gets easily absorbed, non-greasy and the fragrance doesn't linger. Read Review here.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand cream: Was very impressed it had pro-collagen. Very mild and non greasy hand and nail cream. Too expensive. though it was just 5 ml, I loved using it. Read review here.

Lakme Black Eyeliner: I didn't care to write a review on this, as most of them must already be using this product for a very long time. Anything I say, would be less for this Lakme eyeliner. I think this is one of the best thing that Lakme has ever made. I have been using this since my college days and it is just perfect with it's matte black color and the brush which helps you make those beautiful curves. I tried a couple of other liquid eyeliners but the others could never even come close in terms of both price and quality.

Health and Glow Nail Remover: This nail remover is pretty decent.. It removes my nail polishes very easily and the glitter nail polishes in 2 or 3 swipes. I buy this only when I have run out of one and need one urgently. If you are into nail art, this nail remover can be a bit pricey.

Citron Vert Bath and Shower Gel: Again this was gifted. I never heard about this product and checked online too, but I didn't find anything related to the brand, hence I didn't care to write a review. Just a regular shower gel, nothing out of the ordinary. I love the packaging and so I am keeping the bottle:-).

Hope you love this empties post.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion Bamboo-Milk Non- stop Hydra IQ 24 h+ Review

 I have already reviewed about Nivea Happy time Shower cream. This is a Nivea body lotion. What attracted me to this was that the lotion consists of bamboo extract and milk proteins  and has orange fragrance as well . My Shower cream also has orange fragrance  and hence I decided to purchase this.

What it claims: Enjoy nourishing care and inspire your senses with the feel good sensation created for normal skin. Enriched with Bamboo extract and milk proteins, Nivea Happy time body lotion works deep within the skin to repair dryness layer by layer and strengthens the skin's own protection function. It's mild scent with orange flower leaves you feeling freshly cared for all day long. Nivea's unique formula naturally promotes a continuous moisture supply from within for long lasting soft skin. Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.

Non- stop Hydra IQ 24 h+: Fosters new Aquaporins- skin's own hydration channels. Use regularly to support a natural 24+ moisture.

Ingredients List:

My Review: Nivea Happy Time Body Lotion Bamboo-Milk Non- stop Hydra IQ 24 h+ comes in an pearl white sturdy plastic bottle with a matching flip cap. The lettering is blue in color. The lotion is milky white in color with a running consistency (see the pic below). The fragrance of the lotion is mild with orange and bamboo extract and disappears after few minutes of application. The fragrance is not overpowering and not very sweet, something which I love. I also own Nivea happy time shower cream (Review here) as well and with this body lotion, it just makes the fragrance lasts longer.

The lotion once applied absorbs easily and keeps the skin moisturized. However it does not fulfill the non stop  Hydra IQ 24 +, I feel the need to reapply after 5 or 6 hrs. This lotion is only for normal skin, so I am not sure if it will suit oily skin or dry skin. I have dry skin during winters, since the lotion is light and non-greasy, I prefer it only for summers, for the winters I still prefer the heavy lotions and body butters. 

1. Pleasant fragrance of bamboo extract and orange leaves
2. Fragrance not overpowering 
3. Gets easily absorbed into skin
4. Moisturize the skin for really long time.
5. Perfect for summer.
6. Price INR265 for 400 ml.

1.Does not fulfill the criteria about keeping the skin moisturized for 24 hrs
2. Contains paraben.

Rating: 4/5
Will you buy this product?: Yes

Have you tried this product before? Please leave your comment below.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

April Haul- Revlon, Maybelline, Dirty Works and much more

OK.... just to be clear I didn't buy all these products at the same time...Some of these products I bought online and some from different stores at different times. So it's more like a collective haul. I am very excited to share this month's haul with you all. It's been a huge shopping for me. Hope you all like it.

1. Socks: I was actually looking for a fancy purse in Lifestyle Forum mall and these socks were placed right next to the purses. I didn't buy the purse but bought these cute looking socks from Ginger priced at INR99 each. One pair is black with red roses and the other is baby pink self embroidered. You might still be able to find these on sale. There were other cute looking ones but I just bought two.

2. Fan brush: I stopped at Health and Glow to check if they had the new Revlon Matte and Lacquer Lip balms. Unfortunately they didn't have it. I bought this fan brush cause I needed a brush for the highlighter. This is priced at INR80.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips: I bought the Maybelline Baby Lips in Tangerine pop with SPF 16 from H&G store. I checked the other flavors and most of them were nearing expiry so had to be content with only this one. Price is INR150

4. Green earrings: This I desperately needed for a family function and I needed a big Chunky earring as it is the only piece of jewellery I would be wearing. I didn't have time to go shop and so I bought it from a fancy store nearby. I was surprised to find they stored some pretty nice jewellery and necklaces. Overall happy!! I think this was around INR150

5. Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub: I have heard about this brand for the first time. It is a UK based brand. I have been wanting to get the Chocomania from The Body Shop, but since these were not sale and it is quite expensive for me otherwise, I found a cheaper alternative. I found the Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub, It is almost 50% cheaper and also is slightly higher in quantity. The packaging looked kind of retro, something like Soap&Glory ( I am yet to own one!:-().. So for its affordable price and great quantity, I bought it.

6. Dirty Works Hand Cream: I needed a hand cream as my previous hand cream was almost getting over and since I was already ordering the Body scrub from the same brand I decided to go with this one as well. I ordered the Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub and the Dirty Works Hand cream from fashion and you online website (link here) and it was on a sale.

7.  Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms: This was the favorite part of my purchase. Continuing my search for Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms and after all the shopping in the mall, I decided to check the Lifestyle store. I jumped with joy when the SA showed these jewels to me. They have 8 shades for matte and 8 for lacquer(swatch below). I bought just 2. One in Matte and one in Lacquer.  I bought 'Standout Remarquable' shade# 250 which is a lovely Matte red and 'Whimsical Fantaisiste' shade # 115 from the Lacquer collection which is a berry shade with shimmer. They are priced at INR800 each.

8. Revlon Eye-shadows: Like the Lip balms weren't enough I landed up buying these cute eyeshadows. This is really an awesome idea from Revlon, usually you get eye shadows in singles or in a palette. Here you can choose colors of your choice and make your own palette. Yes you heard it right ... you can connect all these singles and have your own palette.I bought 3 of them 'Onyx' shade#300, 'Java' shade#280, and 'Plum' shade#110. Out of the 3 only the Plum is matte. At INR 175 each, it super affordable. 

9. Nail Polishes: I bought the green Elle to suit the color of my dress for the function. The Eyetex Dazzler looked green under the store lights ... now it kinda looks bluish.:-( and finally the shimmer which I purchased is mainly for my nail art. All these were bought from a Fancy Store near my home. Prices: Elle- 50INR , Eyetex Dazzler- 40INR, Shimmer nail polish- 30INR

Phew, that was a long post ...

 Please leave your comment below.