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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lancome Bi Facil Eye make up remover Review

I have never used eye make up remover before or infact any make up remover. I generally apply coconut oil or baby oil to remove my make up and wash my face using a regular cleanser and that was until my aunty from Canada gifted me this lovely Lancome remover.

What it claims: It is a Bi-Facil double action Eye make up remover. It suits all skin types. This double-Phase liquid is fresh as water, yet removes even waterproof  eye make. Gentle enough for Sensitive eyes.  Ophthalmologist- tested. Shake well before each use.

How to use: shake the bottle well, dab a little amount of liquid on a cotton pad and place the cotton pad on the eye for a few seconds and then swipe. 

My review: It comes in a blue transparent bottle with a child lock cap. This is great for travelling and doesn't allow liquid to spill, no leakage and doesn't get misused with children around and also that part that it is Ophthalmologist- tested gave me the courage to try this for the eyes.

This product is amazing. I know  i know what you must be thinking that I don't have any other brands to compare it with and still praising this. You have to try it for yourself.
(L) -Lakme Kajal (R)- Maybelline Gel Liner Waterproof

I have had no problems with eye make up remover be it the gel kohl or the water proof mascaras or deep eyeshadows, you name it and this removes it so easily in just easy swipes. The product seems slightly oil in beginning but leaves no residue after the swipe and the best part there is no tingling sensation at all.  I even tried removing my face make up, Yes you heard it..since it is gentle for the eyes I tried it for the face and it doesn't cease to amaze me. Love Love it! 
My product is going to get over and the price super super expensive to be able to buy again. I wish some
fairy god mother gifts me 2 or 3 bottles of this remover. Lucky to have such a lovely Aunt!

  1. Amazing amazing product and removes even the harshest of the eye make up very easily.
  2. no tingling or burning sensation in the eye- Ophthalmologist- tested
  3. Bonus-- even works for the face as well.
  4. The product last long-- a little goes a long way
  1. Didn't have an ingredients list.
  2. Not easily available except in a few online stores.
  3. Super expensive
Repurchase: no, its expensive... but would definitely use it if some one gifts it to me:-)
Rating: 4/5