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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Body Shop- BlueBerry Shower Gel Review

I have been desperately wanting to finish my old shower creams as I have been eying on shower gels from Body shop and have been longing to use them. This is the first time I would be using a shower gel. The reason I selected Blueberry was only because it was a special edition. When I checked the fragrance at the store, I somehow felt the Blueberry body butter was very good much better than the blue berry shower gel.. again I didn't buy the body butters cause it is summer here and I still have a couple of heavy duty creams to finish off. :-(

What it claims: soap- free cleanser with blueberry extract.
Ingredients List: No ingredients list on the bottle.

My Review: The blueberry shower gel comes in a white sturdy transparent plastic bottle and a white plastic flip cap. The body is quite sturdy and can be used for traveling, though I prefer a small size bottle for traveling. The fragrance smells wonderfully of blue berry ( I still feel the Blueberry body butter smells better!), but it lasts only for a couple of minutes after shower.

The shower gel is in an attractive deep blue color and is of running consistency (it doesn't show much in the above pic. Look at the bottle in the first pic). I think this shower gel is perfect for summer as it is very light and fruity. The shower gel lathers well and doesn't leave any residue on the skin. Even the blue berry fragrance lifts up your mood in the morning. I have been using it for a week now and I don't experience any dryness on my skin. However I still follow up with regular routine of moisturizing with a very light lotion.

1. Soap free.
2. Smells of blueberry extract.
3. Running consistency and hence easy to finish up when you reach the end of the product.
4. Perfect for summer.
5. Doesn't leave residue after wash.
6. No dryness.

1.No ingredients list mentioned on the bottle.
2.It can smell very fruity for some.

Price is slightly on expensive side when you compare other shower gels in the market. This is INR425 for 250 ml. But then this is TBS, since this was a SE, no sale on this :-(

Rating: 4/5
Will you buy this product?: No, I want to explore the rest of the shower gels in TBS:-)
Have you tried this product before? Please leave your comment below