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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Revlon Color burst Lip balms: Standout Remarquable and Whimsical Fantaisiste swatch and Review


I have used lip crayons before and this is the very first time I am using something like this. The moment I heard these lip balms were out in India, I was very excited to try them out and bought just 2 of them, one in matte and one in lacquer.  I am sure by now most of the bloggers have posted about this.

I found these lip balms from lifestyle store in Forum Mall, but now even the H&G has these lip balms stored. I bought these lip balms in the beginning of the month, I waited this long so I could try them out properly before giving the review. Both matte and lacquer lip balms are priced at INR800 for 2.7 gm.

These lip balms have cello tape stuck, something to show that it is a new product. I really wish the whole lip balm came in the plastic packaging  so that we as customers would know that somebody hasn't used the lip balm earlier. This cello tape is so easy to remove, use and put it back in place. I mean considering the price I am paying for this product and a top international brand, I expect atleast the packaging to be good. Ok! enough of me grumbling, let us get to the product.

Standout Remarquable:
When the SA showed me all the 16 lip balms; 8 in matte and 8 in lacquer and after having tried swatches for all, the one that impressed me the most was Standout Remarquable. It is a beautiful deep red in color. This a matte lip balm, having said that, it didn't make my lips dry at all. Most of the matte lipsticks after application feels very dry on the lips and also settles on the lines. There was no such thing with this lip balm. 

This lip balm is very moisturizing and has pepperminty flavor which lasts for about few minutes. The pepperminty flavor is used to plump up the lips.  The lip balm is so moisturizing and it just glides on the lips. The lip balm is very pigmented which I love and is completely opaque.  The color lasts for up to 3 to 4 hrs, after having my dinner, the color started fading. The good part is that the color fades out evenly and does not leave ugly patches.

Whimsical Fantaisiste:
Since I already chose a matte one, I had to choose one in lacquer. I chose this lovely mauve purplish shade. The lacquer ones have shimmer in them. These lip balms also have a pepperminty flavour and also very moisturizing like the matte partners. These lip balms also fades evenly and do not settle on fine lines. The only issue with this is, it doesn't last more than 1 or 2 and if you have something to eat in between, it starts to fade more quickly and only the shimmer remains. It is also not as pigmented as the matte ones. Hence the need to reapply after every 1hr or so. 

Love both the products. Yes even the lacquer one even if it means reapplying. The price is on the expensive side and I am sure would last really long. 

Hope you all this review? Have you tried these shades? Please leave your comment below.