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Thursday, 17 April 2014

April Haul- Revlon, Maybelline, Dirty Works and much more

OK.... just to be clear I didn't buy all these products at the same time...Some of these products I bought online and some from different stores at different times. So it's more like a collective haul. I am very excited to share this month's haul with you all. It's been a huge shopping for me. Hope you all like it.

1. Socks: I was actually looking for a fancy purse in Lifestyle Forum mall and these socks were placed right next to the purses. I didn't buy the purse but bought these cute looking socks from Ginger priced at INR99 each. One pair is black with red roses and the other is baby pink self embroidered. You might still be able to find these on sale. There were other cute looking ones but I just bought two.

2. Fan brush: I stopped at Health and Glow to check if they had the new Revlon Matte and Lacquer Lip balms. Unfortunately they didn't have it. I bought this fan brush cause I needed a brush for the highlighter. This is priced at INR80.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips: I bought the Maybelline Baby Lips in Tangerine pop with SPF 16 from H&G store. I checked the other flavors and most of them were nearing expiry so had to be content with only this one. Price is INR150

4. Green earrings: This I desperately needed for a family function and I needed a big Chunky earring as it is the only piece of jewellery I would be wearing. I didn't have time to go shop and so I bought it from a fancy store nearby. I was surprised to find they stored some pretty nice jewellery and necklaces. Overall happy!! I think this was around INR150

5. Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub: I have heard about this brand for the first time. It is a UK based brand. I have been wanting to get the Chocomania from The Body Shop, but since these were not sale and it is quite expensive for me otherwise, I found a cheaper alternative. I found the Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub, It is almost 50% cheaper and also is slightly higher in quantity. The packaging looked kind of retro, something like Soap&Glory ( I am yet to own one!:-().. So for its affordable price and great quantity, I bought it.

6. Dirty Works Hand Cream: I needed a hand cream as my previous hand cream was almost getting over and since I was already ordering the Body scrub from the same brand I decided to go with this one as well. I ordered the Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub and the Dirty Works Hand cream from fashion and you online website (link here) and it was on a sale.

7.  Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms: This was the favorite part of my purchase. Continuing my search for Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms and after all the shopping in the mall, I decided to check the Lifestyle store. I jumped with joy when the SA showed these jewels to me. They have 8 shades for matte and 8 for lacquer(swatch below). I bought just 2. One in Matte and one in Lacquer.  I bought 'Standout Remarquable' shade# 250 which is a lovely Matte red and 'Whimsical Fantaisiste' shade # 115 from the Lacquer collection which is a berry shade with shimmer. They are priced at INR800 each.

8. Revlon Eye-shadows: Like the Lip balms weren't enough I landed up buying these cute eyeshadows. This is really an awesome idea from Revlon, usually you get eye shadows in singles or in a palette. Here you can choose colors of your choice and make your own palette. Yes you heard it right ... you can connect all these singles and have your own palette.I bought 3 of them 'Onyx' shade#300, 'Java' shade#280, and 'Plum' shade#110. Out of the 3 only the Plum is matte. At INR 175 each, it super affordable. 

9. Nail Polishes: I bought the green Elle to suit the color of my dress for the function. The Eyetex Dazzler looked green under the store lights ... now it kinda looks bluish.:-( and finally the shimmer which I purchased is mainly for my nail art. All these were bought from a Fancy Store near my home. Prices: Elle- 50INR , Eyetex Dazzler- 40INR, Shimmer nail polish- 30INR

Phew, that was a long post ...

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