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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream Review

I never heard of this product until I googled it. So this hand cream was gifted by my mom's friend who went to Canada for a holiday.. (Hmm ... somehow all my products seem to come from Canada, be it a relative or a friend). So, I have reviewed about another Elemis Pro-Collagen hand cream before (Review here )and this is my second one. After using Elemis hand cream, I thought all hand creams comes in a cream or lotion like texture.. but not this one...
What it claims: Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream is dermatologically tested. It has glycerine, silicone and camomile. A Hand cream with natural camomile extract, glycerine and silicone to promote and moisturize your skin.

Ingredients List:

My Review: This Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream is 20 ml and comes in a light green tube with matching color screw cap. The front of the tube has a pretty daisy flower with the lettering in white. This product is imported from Germany.

The cream is white in color and is slightly gelatinous and thick and it must be due to the glycerine in the cream. It smells pleasant and doesn't linger for long.
 The cream though seems thick, gets easily absorbed but after that the palms kinda has a waxy feel or like my sister says it is like the hands were rubbed with talcum powder. So this waxy feel makes your hands feel that they are soft, smooth and nice. Very little cream is required for application and hence this product last quite long.

I don't think they have an outlet in India, although there a few online websites that sells this hand cream if you really want to try. has this product at INR2310 for 100 ml, so that will be INR462 for 20 ml check here. 
1. Imported product
2. Contains, glycerine and camomile extract.
3. Little product goes a long way
4. Smells pleasant and doesn't linger
5. Easily absorbed 
6. Hand feels soft and smooth

1. Hands has a waxy feel, can be irritating for some
2. Not easily available.
3. Expensive

I prefer the Elemis pro‑ collagen hand cream to this one. The cream is so light and gets easily absorbed, only issue is that it's super duper expensive in India.
Rating: 3/5
Will you buy this product? naaahhh.. unless gifted
Have you tried this product before? Please leave your comment below.