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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Jergens - Original Scent with Cherry-Almond Hydrators Moisturizer Review

This was when I was in Bangalore . My old moisturizer was almost over and I needed a moisturizer urgently as the winter was about to set in. I have a very dry skin  and my skin tends to irritate when I don't apply moisturizer. So, I decided to check for moisturizers online to look for a decent one without having to spend so much.:-). This one I bought from Urban Touch and since it was an imported product and on sale I literally grabbed it. 

Jergens Dry skin Moisturizer with Cherry Almond Hydrators with 60% more moistture instantly for 24 hour softness. Made with a rich blend of moisturizers to soften skin and the signature Cherry-Almond scent cherished by generations. moisturize into memorably soft skin. Experience all the ways Jergens moisturizers make a beautiful difference in your skin.

Ingredients List:

My review: I ordered the one with 300 ml. The moisturizer comes in big bottle with a light blue flip cap nozzle. The smell is really pleasant and mild which I really love. 

 The smell lasts for about 2 hrs on my skin. The texture is very creamy and slightly on the thicker side, but it gets easily absorbed into the skin. The product claims 24 hr softness. It works very well on my skin and even at the end of the day I move my nail on my skin to see if I have a dry skin, no white lines.. It's wonderful. 


1. Mild  and pleasant fragrance
2. Works very well for dry skin.
3. Gets absorbed very easily on the skin
4. Does what it claims.. no dryness for 24 hr.
5. Really worth the price for an imported product
6. Price online was 229 INR for 369 ml

Since its slightly thick the product doesn't come out of nozzle easily. need to tap it a few times.

Repurchase: Definitely Yes. awesome price for such good quantity
Rating: 4.5/5 .