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Thinai (Fox Tail millet) Chicken Biryani

Hi all,

This is yet another healthy recipe.. For people who don't know what Thinai (Pic shown in the end) is and its health benefits. Thinai otherwise known as Fox tail millet is one type of millet which is yellow in color. During my grandfather and great grandfather, people mostly ate millets as their staple food instead of rice and wheat mainly because it is very healthy, cooling, gives strength and keeps you filled for longer hours. Millets in general are gluten free, high in protein, rich in nutrients and a great source of energy.There are several other millets which is listed below.
1. Little millet (Samai)
2. kodo millet (Varagu)
3. Barnyard Millet (Kudhiraivalli)
4. Finger Millet (Ragi)
 So let's get started with recipe, I made chicken biryani cause I wanted to try something different for my family and since it was Sunday and we usually cook chicken I decided to go with Chicken biryani.

Ingredients List                Cooking time: 45 mins     Serves: 2
1. Thinai (Fox tail millet)- 1 cup ( 500 gms)
2. Chicken - 1/4 kg
3. Coriander leaves- 1/4 cup
4. Mint leaves- 1/4 cup
5. Onions( finely sliced)-1
6. Ginger garlic paste- 1 tblspn
7. Tomatoes ( chopped)- 2
8. Capsicum cut length wise-1/4 cup 

9. Sakti Chicken Masala- 1 tspn
10. Chilli powder- 1 tspn
11. Coriander powder- 1/2 tspn
11. Salt to taste

1.Soak the fox tail millet (Thinai) just before you start cooking.

2.Take a wok (Kadai) and add 2 tblspns of oil and add the onions, coriander and mint leaves. Fry well till the onions are cooked. Note: Do not brown the onions. 3. Once the onions are cooked add ginger garlic paste and fry for 2 minutes till the raw smell disappears.

4. Add tomatoes and add Sakti Chicken masala, chilli powder, coriander powder and salt and fry for 2 minutes. 

5.Now Add the chicken pieces and fry till the tomatoes are well cooked.

5. Add capsicum and keep stirring for 3 minutes. Cook the masala till the oil separates.

6. Now add water in 1: 1and 1/2 cup ratio and Add the fox millet (thinai) to the masala. Let the water boil. Once it starts boiling,  cover the wok and keep on high for 5 minutes. Lower the flame and cook the biryani for another 15 -20 minutes on sim or low flame.

7. Your fox tail millet (thinai) chicken biryani is ready. This would go very well with raita or any chicken gravy as well. 

Here's a pic of Fox tail millet (Thinai):

Do try it !! healthy doesn't always have to be boring!  A healthy break from rice and wheat :-) 
Please leave your comments below

Fish Capsicum Stir fry Recipe- No sauces
As you all know I am trying to eat healthy and clean food with very light cooking. I am trying to reduce my weight and above all to be healthy. It is OK to indulge once in a while, but you should always try and stick to a healthy routine. Because of this, I am trying to innovate and also invent and discover some new healthy recipes which I will bring to you all as regularly as possible to help you all live a healthy life without compromising much.:-)

Today is one such recipe. Read through

Ingredients List: Cooking Time: 22 minutes Serves: 2

1. Seer Fish: 4 big pieces
2. Capscium- 1/4 piece
3. Red and yellow peppers- 1/4 piece each
4. Brocolli- 1. Cut into small florets
5. Ground nuts- fresh or boiled. 1/4 cup
6. Chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
7. Cumin powder- 1/2 tsp
7. Pepper powder- 1 tsp
8.Oil- 5 tblsp. I used Olive oil
9. Lemon-1 or vinegar -1 tsp
10. Cheese-Optional
11. Salt to taste. 

1. Cut the 4 big seer fish slices into small pieces. I removed the skin and center bone of the fish. Cut the capsicum, red and yellow peppers lengthwise. Cut brocolli into small florets and set aside.

2. Heat kadai (wok) and add 3 tablespoons of oil. Once the oil is heated add the fish pieces and add chilli powder, cumin powder and salt and toss for 2 minutes. After that add 1/2 tsp pepper powder and salt and toss again.

3.Keep stirring till the fish is cooked. Remove and keep aside.

4. Heat 2 tbsp oil in  the same kadai and add the capsicum and 1/2 tsp pepper powder and salt and fry for 2 minutes. Add Brocolli and fry for 1 minute.

5. Now add the cheese and fresh or boiled groundnuts and fry for 3 minutes.

6. Add the fried fish pieces and toss slightly. Check the seasoning and adjust salt and pepper.

7. Squeeze lemon juice of about 1 tsp on the top and serve. Can be served both hot and chilled. Tastes great either ways.

1. I used seer fish, but you can use any fish. Preferably fish with more flesh like mackerel or Salmon.
2. I used Olive oil but any cooking oil can be used as per your preference.
3. You can also use Vinegar instead of lemon juice.

Try this recipe and let me know if you like it!!

Chicken Capsicum Stir fry without any sauces-- My Recipe 

These days I have started eating healthy and try to avoid both Rice and Roti.. and so I started trying different recipes so I don't get bored with my diet... Chicken Capsicum Stir fry is a healthier option, as it is protein and also capsicum is very good for our health as it helps in keeping the skin clear, prevents rashes and pimples. It contains vitamin A, which is good for eyes and helps prevent eye diseases. In this recipe I used mostly boneless chicken pieces for easy cooking.

Ingredients: Cooking time: 25 minutes Serves: 2

 Olive Oil- 3 tbsp
Chicken- 250gms bite size pieces ( mostly breast pieces)
Ginger Garlic paste- 1tbsp
Capsicum- 1/4 cup (sliced length wise)
Red  pepper-1/4 cup (sliced length wise)
Yellow pepper-1/4 cup (sliced length wise)
white sesame seeds- 1 tsp
Sakti chicken Masala powder-1 tsp (optional)Garam masala powder- 1/2 tsp
Honey -2 tbsp (optional)
Pepper powder-- 1 tsp.

Red chilli powder-1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp


1. Marinate the chicken well with ingredients given under marination. Set aside for 15 minutes.
2. Add oil to the wok and once the oil is heated add the sliced onions.

3. Once the onions are cooked and changes color, add the ginger garlic paste. Note: Do not brown the onions.

4. when the raw smell of ginger garlic paste disappears add the marinated chicken and fry for few minutes

5. Since these are breast pieces, these will get cooked very easily. You will know that the chicken is almost done, when it starts changing to white. At this stage add the garam masala powder and fry for 1 minute.

6. Add the capsicum and the bell peppers at this stage and fry for 2 minutes.

7. Add Sesame seeds, pepper powder and honey and fry for 3 minutes

8. Finally add the Sakthi chicken masala powder and fry for 2 minutes.

9. Serve hot!!

1. Adding honey is optional, I like it a bit sweet and so I added it.  
2. You can also add sugar instead of honey.
3. Sakti chicken masala in the end is also optional. Pic shown below


Beetroot Rice/ Beetroot Sadham- Recipe

My family has been tired of eating the same menu almost every other day curry, rice and some vegetable. So I thought I would try something different today, something simple and easy and doesn't require an elaborate side dish. Moreover I had beetroot left in the fridge that I have been meaning to make a side dish and which I didn't, so I thought I would give this beet root rice a try. 


  • Beetroot (grated)- 1/4 Kg
  • Raw rice- 2 cups
  • Onion (sliced)- 2 medium
  • Green chillies (Slit)- 2
  • Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
  • Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
  • Split urad Dhal- 1/2 tsp
  • Chana dhal- 1/4 tsp
  • Water- 1/4 cup
  • Oil- 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste


Cook 2 cups of rice in 4 cups of water in a pressure cooker. Once done, spread on a plate and allow it cool.

In a Kadai (wok), heat 1tbsp oil  and add mustard seeds. Once the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add the cumin seeds, Split Urad Dhal, Chana dhal, Green Chilies. Fry for 2 minutes. Ensure that the dhals do not get burned, else it will give a weird taste. Once the dhals are fried to light brown, add onions and fry till the onions are cooked. Add the beetroot and fry for 1 minute. Add water and cover and cook in medium flame till the beetroot is completely cooked. Check for seasoning and add salt to taste. Now add the rice to the kadai and mix well. 

Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve with papad and curd.