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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Maybelline New York Clear glow Shine free B.B Stick Review

I  never used foundations creams and still don't use them. Somehow the idea of blending or selecting the right shade scares me and seeing few people wearing the incorrect foundation shade, they look like ghost with all that white cast.. Ewww!. So I use only foundation in pressed powder form or a  tinted moisturizer. So you must have seen this product on my February haul... when the SA at Health and Glow store told me about this BB stick I was sold..I never knew something like BB cream ever existed (okk.. it has been in market for sometime, but I never knew). All I knew was the foundation in powder, cream or lotion form, concealer, tinted moisturizer, primer.. So I was curious and found out a little more about what this BB is all about. 

What is BB all about? BB Cream is a popular all-in-one cosmetic that often acts as a moisturizer, primer, and light foundation. It is better than foundation or tinted Moisturizer. An all-in-one moisturizer combining skincare with mineral pigments to even skin tone, illuminate, cover imperfections.. Great isn't it!! 

My Love for Maybelline: I always have a special corner for Maybelline products as they always have such great products, with amazing quality at an affordable price, be it their foundation pressed powder, lip glosses, Mascara, Tinted glosses, eyeshadow, Kajal, make up remover, nail polishes.I love them all!!!.  I have used most of their products I am yet to get their eye shadows though :-(. Btw Maybelline also has a BB cream if you want to try.

My Review:  The BB stick comes in a dull blue bullet with a matching plastic see through cap. The BB stick works similarly to a lipstick, so you need to turn the bottom of the bullet in order to use the BB stick. Unlike the lipstick the product does not go in completely, so you kinda see a bit through the plastic cover. 

The shade I purchased is Fawn 04. The SA agent convinced me it was the right shade and with all those dim lighting in the store it looked right .. in any case at that point they didn't have any other shade:-(. 

The product is very smooth and is very easy to blend and gives a matte finish. (I used my fingers to blend). The product is very light and after applying you don't feel like you applied it on your face. It also micro minerals which is used to even out the skin tone and cover spots. It has medium coverage but the product is build-able. It also has SPF 21 so if you are outside for just 1 or 2 hrs you don't have to worry about the sunscreen except if you have a very sensitive skin. The product is shine free and hence suitable even for oily skin. With the BB stick I don't use a moisturizer. 

I tried this product so many times now and I love it for it's usage, somehow it looks a bit darker on my face ... Looks like I would have to go in for the Radiance shade. So, if you have a fair or wheatish complexion, I would suggest you to go in for the Radiance shade. 

It's a great product, I think you all should give it a try at least for its usability.

1. Easy to use bullet.
2. The product is very light.
3. The formula is so smooth and easy to blend
4. Medium coverage, but it's buildable.
5. Shine free - suitable even for oily skin
6. Has SPF 21 suitable for short period outdoors.
7. Very affordable. Price INR 250 for 10gm

Available in only 2 shades :-(.
Maybelline has only two shades in India: Fawn and Radiance. I don't know what made them think only these two shades would suit all Indian skin tones ... ridiculous!

Rating: 4/5

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