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Monday, 24 March 2014

Himalaya Herbals Lip balm- Review

I never used lip balm when I was studying college. I just used to use Vaseline petroleum jelly just once a day and it was sufficient. But once I moved to Bangalore, because of the weather I needed to use a lip balm. I used several lip balms to treat the problem. This lip balm I am talking about today is the most, used by almost everyone as it is from a good brand and very very easily available and cost effective.

What it claims: Wheatgerm oil, Carrot seed oil. Nourishes lips, Prevents drying and chapping. 100% Herbal actives.

Directions: Apply on lips as and when needed.

Ingredients List: Each gm containsEranda (Ricinus Communis), Garijara (Daucus carota), Godhuma (Triticum sathvum), Hyamaraka (Wrightia tinctoria) Narikela (Cocos nucifera).

My Review: Himalaya herbals Lip balm comes in a 10gm white tube with a green screw cap. The balm is colorless but smells like a bubble gum, but not to worry you neither get the taste nor the smell of the bubble gum after you apply it.The lip balm is slightly gelatinous and easily melts when applied on the lips. It nourishes lips and prevents drying. I can't say that it prevents chapping . I apply  it 10 minutes before I apply my lipstick so that my lips look even and smooth. Since it  is inexpensive I don't mind applying it as and when I feel like it. 

There are days when I have forgotten my lip balm or my lip balm has gotten over, but then I don't worry, as it is easily available in any local supermarket and medical stores. So 100 points on its availability. Even though Himalaya is such a big brand, I am so happy that the brand is made so easily available to the public. They also have their own Himalaya outlets at various parts in the city. All I can say is that if you are looking for a branded lip balm which is easily available and which is inexpensive... then this is the one! I always have one of this in my make up bag in case my other lip balms get over.

1. Nourishes Lips.
2. Prevents Drying
3. 100% herbal actives
4. Inexpensive INR 25 for 10 gms
5. Easily available at any local stores even though it is such a big brand.

Doesn't prevent chapping for me.

Rating: 4.9/5
Will you buy this product?: Yes, Love it for the availability and price
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