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Monday, 10 March 2014

March haul- all time favorites

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As you all know I started  changing to a healthy diet and am also trying to change my lifestyle as well. The first thing I started off was cutting off on caffeine. As any true south Indian, I love coffee so much and some times have more than 3 times a day, but with determination to be healthy and with a conscious effort to change my lifestyle I switched to Green Tea. I initially used to hate it, but now after 2 months I am in love with it, so when my green tea got over, I rushed to the nearest Nilgiris store to buy them. This time I bought Tetley Green Tea and apart from that I also bought a couple of other favorites. 

I bought 2 packs of Tetley Green Tea, Sofit soya milk chocolate flavor, strawberries and  only one product relating to the skin care and that too only because my Garnier Fructis serum (Read Review here)was getting over so I bought my trusted Livon in a Brand new Look. 

Here we go, for some gyaan about healthy living

Livon Serum: Nothing much to say about this except that my serum is getting over and I needed a new one.. This is used to be my favorite, but I have not tried the Livon in its new look. I am so excited and looking forward to try this product and hope the product doesn't disappoint me and continues to be my favorite product.. rest in a separate review. 
Price: INR115 for 50ml

Strawberries: I don't really know of anyone who hates strawberries. Strawberries can be found in ice creams and cakes and can be just enjoyed just by itself or with a huge dollop of cream. Personally speaking, I don't like fruits very much, I can just tolerate Banana, mango, Avocado (Butter fruit) and watermelon..So it is really an effort for me to just eat a small bowl of fruits. Once my mom casually bought strawberries and I loved it just plain, no camouflaging and all, I loved it, loved even the sour ones and finished it all in just one sitting. So when I visited Nilgiris, the next shop was a fruit shop and they sold Strawberries and I bought a pack. Now the gyaan... All the berries are very very good for health in general as all the berries have anti oxidant properties which help in fighting stress and other illness. It helps in improving health, skin and hair and also prevents certain diseases. All fruits and vegetables contain anti -oxidants but the berries have higher anti -oxidants. There are several powerful antioxidants that appear in berries, including anthocyanins, quercetin, and vitamin C. You can google about these anti-Oxidants and read about the health benefits.  
This Pack costs about INR 63 and it has about 15-18 strawberries.

Tetley Green Tea:  As you all know Green tea has gained a lot of popularity in last 10 years mainly because of its health benefits. This green tea when brewed and consumed unsweetened contains Zero calories and is one of the most recommended drink by the health experts to reduce weight. Certain studies also showed that it also reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. The main reason is it so well known is because of its anti-oxidant properties and it has the highest amount. Even olive oil, Sardines and soya are other foods that have anti oxidant properties. I bought Tetley because I want to try it and mainly because I was attracted to this particular flavour because it has Ginger, mint and Lemon which I love and it is so refreshing. This one particular brand is slightly on the expensive side you might find other brands with other flavors that might work out a lot cheaper for you.
Price: INR60 for 10 tea bags

Sofit Soya milk: I drink protein shake every day and also have tried different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, mocha and chocolate and some days I get really bored with the taste and wanted a HEALTHY break from the routine. I have tried this Sofit Soya milk before when I was Bangalore but some how completely forgot all about it, but now since I am looking for tastier yet healthy alternatives, the moment I saw this Soya Milk and that too in chocolate flavor, I immediately grabbed it. For people who are not aware of the benefits of Sofit soya milk.. read on:-) It is healthier alternative to regular milk which has lots of fat. Soya milk has anti-oxidant properties and is really good for health. Sofit Soya Milk comes in 5 different flavors: Natural, chocolate, Vanilla, Kesar Pista and Mango. Except for the Natural flavor, the rest 4 has sugar in it. You might want to check the ingredients list.. But if you are new to making changes to a healthier lifestyle I would suggest it because it's tasty as well as healthy. It comes in a tetra pack so it is easy store. Once opened it needs to be refrigerated and needs to be consumed within 3 days.
Price: INR95 for 200 ml

So what did you all buy this weekend? Have you tried any of stuffs and do you like them? Leave your comments below.