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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Maybelline Colorama Astral Nailpolish Review

Today I would be reviewing about a Nail Polish and I guess this my second blog on make up. So, far I have done only skin care products. Anyways coming to the nail polishes... I never was that interested in nail polishes though I had strong long nails and I only once in a while painted them, that too when I get a mani and pedi done... yeah I can be pretty lazy that way .. 

One day my colleague wore a beautiful mint green from the colorama collection and it looked so beautiful on her toes that I wanted to purchase it immediately and so over the weekend I  visited the Health and Glow in my area.. The mint green one wasn't available, was disappointed and then my eyes fell on this gorgeous color.... It's pale and the palest pink you can find... and, I didn't even bother testing it as I was so happy with the color.

 Maybelline colorama comes in so many different shades and also with and without shimmer and is also quite cheap. When I bought this the price for 8 ml was just 85 INR. 

My Review:

This nail polish is a very pale and almost a nude pink. The pictures above were taken under sunlight. The polish is very smooth and is very to easy apply. The nail polish is very sheer and might require 3 coats for complete coverage.  It does not give any streaks. In the picture below I have applied 3 coats and it looks like a natural nail color. This nail polish can also be used as a base for french manicure. The color is so pleasant, elegant and professional and can be used for daily office wear. Overall thumbs up for such awesome color and for its multi-usability. Might not suit the toe nails though

1. Awesome color
2. The product is smooth and glossy.
3. Inexpensive
4. Multi-usability: French manicure and daily office wear.

1. Might not suit toe nails.
2. Require 3 coats or more for coverage.

Have you tried this nail polish? Please leave your comment below