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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Avon Foot Works Review

I usually go to the parlor to get my mani and pedi done. But then my mom usually gets cracks on the feet and its pretty expensive to be going to the parlor every week and hence decided to look out something for her weekly foot spa at home.. this is when my sis decided to gift my mom this Avon footworks and I also sometimes use this when I get bored at home during the weekends. OK enough about my story, lets talk about this Foot works. 

What it claims: Avon Foot Works: Refreshing Citrus foot soak. It list 3 major results: 
  • Refreshing citrus scented soak soothes, cleanses and deodorizes hot, tired feet.
  • Helps soften corns, calluses and dry, hardened skin on feet.
  • Contains special moisturizers and skin softeners, which leave the feet feeling refreshed and stimulated.
Ingredients List: SLES, TLS, Glycerin, Ginger/Pineapple/Carrot/Green tea.

How to use: Pour 4 capfuls into half a bucket of warm water. Stir gently with finger tips to mix. Soak feet, rinse off and towel dry after use.

My review: Avon Foot works comes in a small cream colored bottle with a blue flip cap. The product has consistency of a thin shampoo and quite runny. It does have a strong citrus smell. I used just one capful instead of 4 caps mentioned and it did lather well. With 4 capfuls I don't think it will even give 3 usages. I did use the footfile and pumice stone to remove dry skin and to soften the feet. 

 This foot soak didn't do anything for me . I am sure even if I put my feet into plain warm water my dry skin would soften and my feet would anyways become clean from long soak.

Since it is a foot soak I expected to have Epsom salt and the likes which helps in relaxing tired feet. 

Smells nice and citrusy 

Cons: I  have more Cons:-(
1. Bottle is not transparent to see the left over product.
2. Does nothing special like softening dry skin or corns
3. 125 INR for 75 ml and with 4 capfuls per usage, its pretty expensive.

Repurchasing: Definitely No, Looking for another one.
Rating: 1.5/5