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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day---My Love for Bath and Body Products

Today being valentines day as day filled with love and happiness and crazy pictures and demonstrations all over the media. No, I am not against valentines day... In fact I love it, everything around looks pink and red today:-). 

Today I would be talking about my love for my favorite product which My aunt from Canada got me (i know i know what you must be thinking, yes she is my favorite aunt and whenever she makes a trip to India, she always gifts me these wonderful things... Lucky me! still got to review my many other gifts:-))

I have been wanting these lotions for a really long time as I have heard so many great reviews about them. Sadly, we do not have any Bath and Body stores in India an hence asked my aunt for it. Nowadays you do find Bath and Body works in the Online stores, though I am not sure if you would be able to find all the fragrances that is available in the US. The lotions and their respective mist I received it last year. This year I received Forever Midnight mist.... Love Love. 


You can also see that I haven't yet touched the Japanese cherry Blossom. I am currently using Sweet pea and so in love with it!  The fragrance of these lotions is so awesome and is perfect for a romantic day and which day could be more romantic than a valentines day!. Reviews for all the 3 product coming up soon

Have you all tried any of the Bath and body products? If so which one? would love to hear about them. Lots of Love, Kisses and happiness to all of you today xOxOXO